My brush with Little Richard


I never thought moving to Nashville would bring me closer to Little Richard. The father of Rock N Roll is living on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel here in downtown. I believe he is not in such good health and prefers to stay close to the hospitals here in Nashville than in his house out of town. By some strange coincidence a friend at work is moonlighting as the concierge at the Hilton and speaks with Little Richard every Saturday. Last Saturday he happened to be Little Richard’s driver for the day and this is what I got from Little Richard. Whilst I was happy to receive the signed postcard I wasn’t sure about the book. I thought perhaps that my colleague was trying to convert me. I was thinking about a way to bring it up with him when the post boy came round and saw the card and book and said ‘Wow you met Little Richard too!’. Apparently Little Richard has some deal going on where the producer of the book provides him with free postcards as long as he hands out the book with them. What a wonderful strange life.

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